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 July 6, 2017


SUBMITTED BY: Brent Turner





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Through its regular ascertainment process, Summit Media Corporation has determined that the following issues are important to the Louisville, Kentucky community.


  • Economy/Financial Concerns
  • Women and Minorities
  • State/Local Government
  • Health/Safety
  • Family/Education




Viewpoints         5/14/17                                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

The financial world was shocked when the FBI began investigating Wall Street big shot Steve Cohen and his company SAC Capital. We discuss what they were looking for, what they found, and what it all means going forward.



Viewpoints         4/9/17                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min

When people discuss “the immigrant narrative,” you may picture Ellis Island. But what is that process like today? We talk to two writers about the more modern immigrant journey. First, journalist and author Daniel Connolly talks about Isaias Ramos, a bright young man whose life is complicated by his status as an illegal immigrant. Then, author Shilpi Somaya Gowda discusses her own family’s experiences emigrating from India. Two very different stories bound by a common thread: the immigrant narrative.



Viewpoint           4/23/17                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Between the election cycle and coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days, we’ve all seen some fake news online. We talk to two educators about the harm that can be done when people believe fake news, the education crisis involved when students believe fake news, and tips we can all use to identify lies online and keep ourselves informed by only the truth.



Viewpoint           4/2/17                                                  6:00am                                                                 15min

Scientists have maintained for years that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are causing climate change. In the face of deniers, scientists insist their answer is correct. We talk to Dr. Kerry Emanuel from MIT about what makes he and other scientists so certain greenhouse gasses are to blame and how the problem can be addressed to not only help our planet, but also create new jobs for American workers.

Viewpoints         6/4/17                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min

One morning without warning, Giulia Lukach experienced a psychotic break. We talk to her husband Mark about Giulia’s mental health journey, his own experience as a caregiver, and how they overcame three stints in the psych ward.

Viewpoints         6/11/17                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Introverts usually get a bad rap, but we talk to two experts who say introverts have a lot to offer. We discuss what introversion is and how introverts can be a lot of fun to be around.



Viewpoints           4/16/17                                              6:00am                                                                 15min

The right to an education is guaranteed to all students, regardless of disability, by federal law. But experts and parents are now wondering if we are doing enough to help autistic students maximize their abilities to live their best possible lives. Mark Claypool, co-author of “How Autism is Reshaping Special Education,” discusses the current status of public schooling for autistic students and how the systems in place can be optimized to help students grow even more.

Viewpoints         4/30/17                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Science enables us to know much more than ever before. We can be aware of what disorders we could pass on to our kids and we can conduct screenings on children to discover irregularities in their genes. Such screenings can help doctors catch issues early… but they can also put a huge burden on families.

Viewpoints         5/7/17                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min

The history of physics is a long and extremely interesting one, littered with the names of some of the most famous scientists in the world, like Galileo, Newton, Copernicus, Einstein, Curie, and others. We talk to a science historian about a few of the highlights throughout the long history of physics and astronomy.

Viewpoints         5/21/17                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

As hard as it is to imagine, before an Italian mathematician we know as Fibonacci came to the scene, most people didn’t use… numbers. We talk to mathematician and author Keith Devlin about Fibonacci’s mammoth contribution to mathematics and our daily lives.

Viewpoints         5/28/17                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Everyday, we send and receive emails, but when’s the last time you wrote or received a handwritten letter? We talk to a writer and editor about the more romantic, considered communication style of abandoning modern technology and writing physical letters.

Viewpoints         6/18/17                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Discovering one of the most well-known ancient civilizations was no easy task. We talk to author William Carlsen about the two men who ventured into the jungle and discovered the Mayans.

Viewpoints         6/25/17                                                6:00am                                                                 15min

Bringing a new baby home is exciting and chaotic. The last thing parents want to worry about is their work life. But for many dads, the stigma and financial burdens of trying to stay home means they have little time to bond at home. We talk to Josh Levs, a journalist who took the fight for paternity leave head-on.



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